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The pricing columns in Mobilitykart Cost and Usage Reports contain the prices for a line item. The pricing columns are based off of the Mobilitykart Price List Service API. Mobilitykart Price List Service API doesn't include Free Tier pricing, Spot Instances, products in Mobilitykart Web Services Marketplace, The columns include but are not limited to the following:

There are many pricing methods, but for the most part, some variant of three general approaches. 

  • Cost-Based Pricing - This approach ignores (in theory, but not always in practice) what other sellers are setting their prices for the same product or similar product. Instead, this pricing strategy bases the selling price in relation to cost. Mark-up pricing, otherwise known as cost-plus pricing, is an example of this approach.
  • Competitive Pricing - Competitive pricing, as the name suggests, looks at the seller's competition before setting a price. Knowing competition prices can give you a framework for determining your pricing. You can decide to match the competition, undercut them, or, if you think you offer a better product or service, charge them more.
  • Demand-Based Pricing - This approach primarily responds to momentum in demand – whether it is decreasing or increasing. If demand is increasing, the seller may increase the selling price, especially as supply becomes more limited. The housing market is an example of this. Home prices are primarily based on the number of buyers in the market and the number of homes available for sale.