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Independent Living Products for Senior Citizen & ElderlyDaily Living Aids Independent Living Products for Senior Citizen & Elder Online Shopping at Lowest Price in India. Discover the latest range of independent living Aids For Daily Living. Shop the best prices of an independent living solution. Daily Living Aids, Daily Living Aids for Seniors, Independent Living Products, Independent Living Products for elder , Dr Morepen BG 03 Gluco One Glucometer 25 Strips , Dr Morepen BP 02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor , Dr Morepen BP 01 Blood Pressure Monitor , Karma Foldable Back Rest Ryder 500 BR , Vissco Hip Cycle , Blood Pressure Machine , Vissco New Cycle Exerciser , Pedal Exerciser , Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor , Anti Aircure Air Bed Sores , Artificial Breast Implants Tear Drop , Karma Airwave 3 Air Mattress , Karma Automatic BP Monitor , Vissco Venante Back Relaxer , Vissco Venante Foot Relaxer , Vissco Venante Back And Neck Relaxer , Vissco Venante Foot And Calf Relaxer , Vissco Venante Body Slimmer , Vissco Venante Massage Chair

Vissco Hip Cycle Vissco Hip Cycle
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Vissco Hip CycleHip Cycle is a stationary regular cycle exerciser used in physical therapy and as a sports fitness aid. Cycling is a low-impact exercise to increase muscle strength and mobility of the hips and knees. Cycling assists in hip toning by muscle growth and burning of calories.Hip Cycle FeaturesPedaling uses thigh muscles: quadriceps to push down, and hamstrings to pull up during the circular motion Cycling workout results in isometric engagement of the abdomen as a supporting mus..
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Karma Foldable Back Rest Ryder BR 500 Karma Foldable Back Rest Ryder BR 500
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Karma Foldable Back Rest Ryder BR 500 Karma Ryder Backrest for Bed Back Support is adjustable & Used To Keep Patient Sitting Upright On The Bed.It Is Strong And Comfortable Back Rest For Use When Sitting Up In Bed To Eat, Drink, Read, Or Watch Television.It Is Foldable And Very Stylish Design. Karma Foldable Back Rest Ryder 500 BR FeaturesFrom the leading brand of wheelchairs -Karma HealthcareEasy to useFoldable, Durable & ComfortLightweight & very stylishProduct ..
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Vissco New Cycle Exerciser Vissco New Cycle Exerciser
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Vissco New Cycle Exerciser Hip Exerciser is used while sitting on chair or stoolCycling has always been one of the most efficient ways to slim down but requires space indoors and outdoor travel. But now, using the Vissco Cycle Exerciser, you can sit down comfortably on any stool or chair and pedal away those unwanted flabby areas of the calves, hips, thighs, and abdomen. Pedaling action takes inches off your figure thereby toning and firming your muscles.This rehabilitation exerciser is used in ..
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Premium Imported Pedal Exerciser
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Premium Imported Pedal ExerciserPedal Exerciser is a versatile strength-building tool that can be adjusted to suit your needs. It can be used on tabletops for arm workouts or on the floor to exercise your legs. This portable pedal exerciser features a convenient tension control knob that allows for a broad range of resistance settings. It's ideal for progressive exercise programs. This table-or-floor pedal exerciser also has straps to hold your feet firmly on the pedals during each workout. It's..
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Karma Automatic BP Monitor
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Karma Automatic BP MonitorKarma Automatic BP Monitor World's only BP Monitor with patented AFIB technology that detects Atrial Fibrillation. Advance and Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor with BHS A/A Protocol Compliant and Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients with MAM Technology (3-Reading Average Mode for Reliable Results)Karma Automatic BP Monitor FeaturesBHS A/A Protocol CompliantClinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis..
₹5,368.00 ₹8,800.00
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